Our new project of physical theater is about Antarctica, about the relationship between humans and the Earth. It's about a piece of land on the very "edge" of the map of the planet, so little is generally known about its size and geography. There is a city in Antarctica where thousand of people live so that several teams of scientists can conduct their research. In the last 25 years, 3 trillion tons of ice have melted and the ocean has risen by 8 millimeters. In the last 5 years, the melting rate has almost tripled. There is rapidly changing weather. It is still windy and sometimes there is nothing to see, not even the horizon, just white darkness. It is home to penguins, whales, walruses, sea lions and several species of birds. It is the last real wilderness in this world. The creation process runs in collaboration with Antarctic scientists from America, Canada and the Czech Republic, Czech ecologists and artists who deal with environmental issues.

We have established cooperation with several scientists, their statements, experience and data. As part of the sound design of the performance, we joined American polar scientists (Julien Chaput and Douglas R. MacAyeal), who in their research deep drilled glaciers, threw pieces of ice into boreholes and recorded the sounds of the falling ice pieces. From the records they calculate the relationship between changes in deep glacier levels and the climate change.

The visual and sound aesthetics of the performance are based on the authentic, personal and scientific knowledge of the people who worked in Antarctica. We are in contact with Marie Šabacka, a young Czech polar researcher and microbiologist who shares her personal experiences from her stays in Antarctica and thus mediates emotional ties and experiences from this landscape. The project addresses environmental, political and philosophical issues that naturally arise in connection with this vast location of the last real and vanishing wilderness on Earth.

Antarctica leads the audience to an emotional connection to these topics. What happens to a person's consciousness when we move him to a landscape with extreme living conditions? What happens to the meaning of the oligarchs' words when we move them to Antarctica with the counter? How does the perception of the distribution of the world change when we change the experienced view of the world and place the South Pole in the center of the view of the planet? What is the connection with the opening of the library in the Roma district of Most's Chánov, which is directly affected by coal mining and burning, and how many more ice cubes will melt in the sea cocktail of carbon barons before buying all the allowances for thermal power plants? How does a penguin look in a photo of a Japanese tourist?

Dramaturgy: Otto Kauppinen
Voice cooperation:  Cécile da Costa
Choreographic collaboration: Helena Arenbergerová
Choreograghic supervision: Dora Sulženko Hoštová
Scenography: Anna Chrtková
Light design: Filip Horn
Production: Viktória Beličáková
Performers: Michal Kindernay, Micha Ela Dašková

The performance is coproduced by Trikular z.s. and ALTA Studios. Its partner is also TJ Sokol Smíchov I.

The project is supported by: Studio ALTA, Ministry of culture Czech Republic, State fund for culture Czech Republic, Nová síť and Co.labs.